Table 4.

Description of the Identified Tools for Practices Involved in Primary Care Research Networks or Research

Name/AuthorConcept of InterestProposed Domains of Interest for EvaluationIndicators (n)
Huisartsgeneeskundige Academiserings Lineaal Maastricht (HALMA)/Doorn et al. (1999)Output of academic general practices in university-linked general practice networksPractice performance/output (qualitative and quantitative) in:
  1. Research and registration/data collection

    1. Regular research activities

    2. Research development

    3. Registration/data collection (for research database)

  2. Quality of health care

  3. Academic medical teaching/education

    1. Education/training in practice

    2. Faculty teaching/medical education

Primary Care Research Team Assessment/ Carter et al. (2002)Research infrastructure of (general) practices involved in research (2 levels of accreditation)Does research infrastructure in practice meet quality standards in:
  1. Practice organization

    1. Practice profile

    2. Records and register

  2. Strategic planning

    1. Practice research infrastructure

  3. Practice as a learning organization

    1. Individual development

    2. Team development

    3. Teaching others

  4. Research resources and infrastructure

    1. Research resources

    2. Computerization and data-handling

    3. Links with other organizations

  5. Project funding and management

    1. Project funding

    2. Project management

  6. Involvement of patients

    1. Consumer participation

    2. Ethical issues

  7. Dissemination of research

    1. Dissemination strategy