Table 2.

Yamaguchi Criteria*

Major CriteriaMinor CriteriaExclusion Criteria
• Arthralgia, >2 weeks• Sore throat• Infection, especially sepsis
• Fever, >39°C, intermittent ≥1 week• Lymphadenopathy and/or splenomegaly• Epstein-Barr infection
• Typical rash (macula popular, nonpruritic)• Abnormal liver function test• Malignancy
• WBC >10,000 (>80% granulocytes)• Rhematoid factor and ANA negative• Inflammatory disease
  • * The Yamaguchi criteria require the presence of 5 criteria to diagnose Still disease, and at least 2 must be major criteria.12

  • WBC, white blood cell; ANA, antinuclear antibody.