Table 1.

Comparison of Groups on Demographic and Baseline Characteristics

Demographic CharacteristicControl (n = 24)Intervention (n = 27)P*
    <High school0027.1
    High school graduate28622
    >High school22921970
Current employment
If unemployed, expect to go back to work?
Marital status
Kids at home
Age of mother (years)294296.9
EPDS (baseline)
Daily sleep during first week (hours; n = 35)
Daily total crying during first week (hours; n = 35)
  • * Test of difference is χ2 or Fisher exact tests (when cell size <5) for categorical variables and t test for continuous variables.

  • Means of daily sleep time and crying time during first week available only for mothers completing first week of follow-up; n = 35 not reflective of whole sample at randomization.

  • EPDS, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.