Table 2.

Population Characteristics of Patients Receiving Breast Cancer Screening (n = 129,929)*

VariablesOne PHP(n = 105,250)(%)More ThanOne PHP(n = 12,844)(%)No PHP(n = 11,835)(%)Total(N = 129,929)(%)P
Age, mean years (SD)59.5 (13.0)60.5 (13.3)54.9 (12.0)59.2 (13.0)<.001
    Non-Hispanic white77.574.159.875.5
    Non-Hispanic African American9.
    Non-Hispanic other33.53.93.2
    Non-Hispanic multiracial1.
Education level<.001
    Did not graduate high school11.613.722.712.9
    High school graduate or greater88.486.377.387.1
Health insurance<.001
Adequate breast cancer screening<.001
  • * According to the 2004 United States Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System.

  • Weighted percentage.

  • Adequate breast cancer screening defined as mammogram within the previous 2 years.

  • PHP, primary health care provider.