Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Delaware Youth Risk Behavior Survey Population: General Population, Obese Group, and Overweight Group

Obese* (n = 398)Overweight (n = 482)
Age (years)
    14 and younger6516.37315.1
    18 or older338.35311
Diet modification§24260.924350.5
Exercise modification§29273.435172.8
Diet and/or exercise32982.638078.9
Accurate perception of weight32681.826154.2
Intention to change weight30075.331465.2
  • * BMI for age is greater than or equal to the 95th percentile for gender.

  • BMI is greater than or equal to the 85th and less than the 95th percentile for gender.

  • 95% confidence interval.

  • § Individuals who indicated that they changed what they ate or exercised more respectively in the last 30 days in an attempt to lose weight.

  • Individuals who classified themselves as either “slightly overweight” or “very overweight.”

  • Individuals who answered “lose weight” when asked “What are you trying to do about your weight?”