Table 2.

Physician and Clinic Characteristics by Glycemic Control*

Entire Cohort (n = 2,962)Well-controlled Diabetes (n = 1,232)Poorly Controlled Diabetes (n = 1,730)P
Primary care clinics (n = 132)
Clinic size (%)
Primary care physician (n = 249)
    Board-certified physician43.4%44%43%NS
    Age (years) (mean)47.647.347.7NS
    Years since graduation (mean)23.222.623.5NS
    Years in Clalit Health Service (mean)15.114.915.3NS
    Birthplace (%)NS
        Former USSR61.158.163
    Location of medical school (%)NS
        Former USSR59.256.560.8
    Clinic manager (%)19.32217.2.001
Changed primary care physician (%)29.727.731.1.044
  • * Univariate analysis. All data provided as percent.