Table 1.

Comparison of All Weekly Visits and Weekly Visits Within the Study Area Census Tract

Weekly Visits by Census TractAll Census Tracts(n = 2821)Study Area Census Tracts*(n = 109)
Mean (SD)MinimumMedianMaximumMean (SD)MinimumMedianMaximum
Mean4.5 (26.7)0.020.02461.6113.4 (78.1)5.099.3461.6
SD1.4 (6.5)0.10.1105.029.1 (17.3)2.925.4105.0
Median4.6 (27.5)0019.0116.4 (81.2)5100.0485.0
  • * This included tracts with a median of ≥10 weekly visits. The study area census tracts did include one census tract that was a small borough with a median of 5 weekly visits, which is less than the target of at least a median of 10 weekly visits.