Table 1.

Descriptive Statistics of 2006 Maintenance of Certification Cohort: Completers Versus Noncompleters of the Requirement to Complete 3 Self-Assessment Modules

2006 CohortNoncompleters
Completers (n = 7510)Noncompleters (n = 3302)PParticipants (n = 506)Nonparticipants (n = 2796)P
    Family medicine residency within past 7 years28.9322.02<.0124.7021.53
    Solo practices9.4516.66<.0113.8317.17
    Primary care HPSAs23.4025.56<.0522.9226.04
    HPSA or MUA32.7035.6133.6035.98
    In census tract with >20% population under 200% federal poverty line47.1851.56<.0146.2552.61<.01
    Primary care service area with population to primary care physician ratio
  • Noncompleters refer to family physicians who did not complete 3 self-assessment modules by the end of the 3rd year of the cycle; among the noncompleters, participants completed at least one self-assessment module but less than 3. All data provided as percentages.

    HPSA, health professional shortage area; MUA/P, medically underserved areas/populations; MUA, medically underserved area.