Table 1.

Characteristics of Couples Beginning Treatment with Natural Procreative Technology, by Subsequent Conception Status

Patient CharacteristicAll Eligible Couples*NPT Treatment, ConceivedNPT Treatment, Did Not Conceive
Total (n)1072364708
Woman's age (mean years [range])35.8 (25–48)34.8 (25–45)36.4 (26–48)
Prior years attempting to conceive (mean [range])5.6 (1–20)4.8 (1–17)6.1 (1–20)
Had previous live birth (percent yes)243020
Received previous ART (percent yes)332139
  • * One hundred sixty-seven couples were not eligible because they had been trying for less than 1 year or because they did not complete the evaluation after the initial consultation.

  • Number of couples in each category. Age was available for all women. For previous years attempting to conceive, 30 (2.8%) had missing data; for previous births, 30 (2.8%) had missing data; for previous ART, 20 (1.9%) had missing data.

  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART) includes in vitro fertilization with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection.