Table 4.

Statistically Significant Associations Between Mental Health Conditions and Self-Reported Health Care Utilization in Prior Year, Adjusted for Demographic Variables and Chronic Conditions

EstimateOdds Ratio95% CI
PCP visits (1 vs 2 or more)
    Any depression disorder0.782.191.09–4.39
ED visits (zero vs any)
    Posttraumatic stress disorder0.932.541.20–5.40
    Alcohol use disorder0.752.121.08–4.18
    Any anxiety disorder0.732.081.09–3.96
MHC visits (zero vs any)
    Generalized anxiety disorder1.323.751.26–11.18
    Panic disorder1.685.341.87–15.27
    Posttraumatic stress disorder1.243.461.43–8.34
    Major depression1.394.031.63–9.99
    Alcohol use disorder1.012.741.18–6.36
    Any depression disorder1.564.762.02–11.21
    Any anxiety disorder1.474.341.89–10.01
    Any mental health condition1.223.391.54–7.47
  • PCP, primary care provider; ED, emergency department; MHC, mental health center.