Table 2.

Differences in Patient Perceptions about Physician Communication among Patients With and Without a Usual Source of Care

Survey Questions Regarding Physician CommunicationPatients Responding "Always" to Questions Regarding Physician Communication (weighted % ± SE)*Odds of Responding "Always" to the Key Questions (Multivariate OR [95% CI])
Provider listened carefully to them (n = 16,699)
    US adults with a USC56.4 ± 0.581.31 (1.16–1.48)
    US adults without a USC47.1 ± 1.381.00
Provider explained things so they understood (n = 16,700)
    US adults with a USC57.9 ± 0.591.26 (1.13–1.41)
    US adults without a USC51.3 ± 1.231.00
Provider showed respect for what they had to say (n = 16,781)
    US adults with a USC59.9 ± 0.551.24 (1.10–1.40)
    US adults without a USC52.3 ± 1.341.00
Provider spent enough time with them (n = 16,773)
    US adults with a USC46.7 ± 0.571.20 (1.07–1.35)
    US adults without a USC39.0 ± 1.311.00
  • Data Source: 2002 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

  • * Weighted percentages pertain to the total civilian, non-institutionalized US adult population who had visited a healthcare provider in the previous 12 months (unweighted n varies slightly by category, as noted).

  • Adjusted for sex, age, race, ethnicity, family income, education, geographic region, MSA status, health insurance status.

  • Statistical significance indicated by bolded values.