Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of American Adults Who Have a Usual Source of Care

Demographic CharacteristicsPatients with a Usual Source of Care (weighted %)*P
Total Adults in US78.3
Age (years)
    American Indian74.4
    Native Hawaiian77.5
    Multiple Races72.9
Family income
    Near poor71.5
    Low income72.0
    Middle income77.7
    High income83.4
Completed high school
Geographic residence
Residence location
    Metropolitan atatistical area77.5<.001
    Non-metropolitan statistical area81.8
Health Insurance
    Any private82.5<.0001
  • Data Source: 2002 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

  • * Unweighted N = 25,851. Note that percentages have been rounded to nearest tenth.

  • P in the χ2 analysis for overall differences between subcategories of each demographic characteristic.