Table 3.

Cumulative Outcomes per 100 Couples by Time Completed in Natural Procreative Technology Evaluation and Treatment

Time Interval (months)Cumulative Withdrawals from NPT (n “proportion”)ConceptionsLive Births*
Starting at Time Interval (n)Cumulative Conceptions (n)Crude ProportionAdjusted ProportionStarting at Time Interval (n)Cumulative Live Births (n)Crude ProportionAdjusted Proportion
0–3105 (9.8)1072757.07.31072555.15.4
4–6233 (21.7)89215214.215.989511110.411.8
7–12478 (44.6)68727825.935.569420519.127.1
13–18624 (58.2)31632630.448.533725523.841.8
19–24672 (62.7)12235433.064.813227325.552.8
  • * Live births are assigned the time interval when the conception occurred rather than when the birth occurred.

  • Adjusted by life-table analysis, where withdrawal or continuing treatment at the end of study follow-up are censoring events.

  • Proportions are not calculated beyond 24 months.