Table 1.

Demographic and Medical History Items by Calcium Supplementation Status Among Women in 6 Ohio Family Medicine Practices

Item StemCurrent Users (n = 69)Non Users (n = 79)Totals (n = 185)P*
Age (mean)484043.001
Do you take a daily multivitamin? (% yes)804055.001
Personal risk for osteoporosis (% yes)633450.006
Level of education (% any college)947684.02
Family history of osteoporosis (% yes)411832.02
Schedule regular physical exam (% yes)937584.02
Children under your care (% yes)456054.16
Health status (% fair)61510.17
Elderly adults under your care (% yes)231315.18
Marital status (% married)627570.20
Smoking status (% yes)131313.96
  • * All P values refer to χ2 tests except for the t test used to compare mean age differences.