Table 6.

Suggested Exclusion Criteria for Exercise Stress Testing in a Primary Care Setting

1. Contraindications (see Table 7)
2. Patients who cannot walk ≥2 flights of stairs or 2 city blocks; refer for adenosine or dobutamine sestamibi study
3. Patients with resting EKG abnormalities: right or left bundle branch block, ST segment depression at rest; refer for ESS
4. Women with high pretest probability (see Table 4); refer for stress echocardiography
5. Men with high pretest probability (see Table 4); refer for ESS
6. Patients on digoxin; refer for ESS
7. Patients with Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome; refer for ESS
8. Patients with paced rhythm; refer for ESS
9. In general, patients with known CAD should undergo ESS, although valuable information can be gained from exercise stress test
  • Modified from refs. 10 and 28.

  • EKG, electrocardiogram; ESS, exercise sestamibi study; CAD, coronary artery disease.