Table 5.

Primary Outcomes: Adjusted* and Unadjusted Group Differences at 6 Months and 9 to 12 Months After Baseline

Baseline (mean [n])6 Months (mean [n])9 to 12 Months (mean [n])Change from Baseline to 6 MonthsChange from Baseline to 9 to 12 Months
Systolic BP (mmHg)
    Intervention group AB141.3 (108)135.5 (92)134.0 (81)−5.8−7.3
    Control group C139.0 (91)133.6 (74)133.8 (60)−6.4−5.2
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.5433.3836.9427
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.4969.6475
HbA1C (%)
    Intervention group AB7.5 (106)8.3 (87)7.4 (74)0.8−0.1
    Control group C7.6 (85)7.8 (63)7.4 (63)0.2−0.2
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.4102.0567.6440
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.0429.9164
SF-36 Physical composite score
    Intervention group AB38.0 (107)42.7 (84)41.4 (74)4.73.4
    Control group C40.9 (88)42.6 (74)41.6 (72)1.70.7
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.0829.4145.4345
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.9598.9056
SF-36 mental composite score
    Intervention group AB46.8 (107)42.7 (84)45.7 (74)−4.1−1.1
    Control group C46.8 (88)40.1 (74)47.9 (72)−6.71.1
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.9779.2666.5200
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.2187.2916
Rate of primary doctor§
    Intervention group AB9.3 (98)9.5 (71)0.2
    Control group C9.2 (86)9.3 (67)0.1
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.6931.0255
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.6372
Rating of overall health care§
    Intervention group AB9.3 (98)8.3 (71)−1.0
    Control group C9.2 (86)8.5 (67)−0.7
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.6931.0255
    Adjusted P for AB vs Cna.6709
LDL cholesterol
    Intervention group AB137.0 (24)139.4 (18)135.4 (18)2.4−1.6
    Control group C137.3 (16)130.5 (11)110.6 (11)−6.6−26.7
    Unadjusted P for AB vs C.9471.6716.3238
    Adjusted P for AB vs C
  • * Unadjusted: P adjusted only for clustering of patient within clinic and baseline outcome variable values for 6 months and 12 month comparisons.

  • Adjusted: P adjusted for clustering, baseline outcome values, age, sex, race, education, employment status, health insurance, whether already had an SP, relationship with SP, baseline values for medication adherence, perceived health competence, patient self-report of history of high BP, history of high cholesterol, smoking status, alcohol use and history of cardiovascular events score (1 point each for previous myocardial infarction, stroke, transient ischemic attack, coronary revascularization, and congestive heart failure). Given the limited sample size for LDL measurements, no adjusted P are presented.

  • SF-36 subscale possible range is 0–100.

  • § Doctor and healthcare satisfaction scales each have possible range from 0–10.

  • The smaller subsample of patients with measured LDL permitted analyses controlling only for baseline LDL and clustering within clinic, not for adjusted analyses with additional covariates.

  • BP, blood pressure; LDL, low-density lipoprotein, SP, support person.