Table 3.

Knowledge and Behaviors After Intervention in Women in Univariable Logistic Regression Models Wanting to Get the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine After Intervention

VariableLevelsOdds Ratio95% CIWald χ2P
Intervention information changed mind about     HPV vaccineYes vs no3.522.06–6.0021.35<.0001
At risk for HPVYes vs no25.8110.07–66.1745.82<.0001
Would get any vaccine27.87<.0001
No vaccine vs STI vaccine0.120.04–0.32
Other vaccine vs STI vaccine0.070.02–0.32
Important for partner to get HPV vaccine77.04<.0001
Important vs not important120.1740.83–353.68
Neutral vs not important11.025.01–24.24
Important for children to get HPV vaccine38.48<.0001
Important vs not important18.193.98–83.19
Neutral vs not important4.060.86–19.27
Pap smears important8.98.01
Important vs not important1.770.11–28.55
Neutral vs not important0.250.01–5.26
Too late to get HPV vaccineYes vs no0.140.07–0.2731.13<.0001
More inclined to get HPV vaccine if…
    Recommended by family memberYes vs no4.271.84–9.8811.44.0007
    Recommended by nurseYes vs no3.511.74–7.0712.33.0004
    Paid for by insuranceYes vs no3.221.97–5.2521.83<.0001
Amount would pay for HPV vaccine to prevent     cervical cancer and genital warts ($)15.55.004
101–200 vs none6.232.17–17.90
201+ vs none4.111.72–9.80
51–100 vs none3.761.63–8.70
<50 vs none2.591.14–5.86
HPV causes cervical cancerYes vs no2.201.30–3.728.71.003
HPV can prevent genital wartsYes vs no1.760.95–
  • HPV, human papillomavirus; STI, sexually transmitted infection.