Table 1.

Initial Laboratory Results

Laboratory ExamResultReference Range
White blood cell count3,200 cells/mm33.9 to 10.6
Hemoglobin14.5 g/dL13.3 to 17.7
Hematocrit43.2%40.0 to 53.1
Platelets99,000/mm3150 to 440
AST35 IU/L0 to 37
ALT51 IU/L0 to 51
GGT38 IU/L11 to 51
Alkaline phosphatase127 IU/L38 to 126
Total bilirubin0.8 mg/dL0.2 to 1.0
Direct bilirubin0.2 mg/dL0 to 0.3
Amylase47 IU/L30 to 110
Lipase29 IU/L0 to 190
Blood urea nitrogen10 mg/dL6 to 20
Creatine –serum0.7 mg/dL0.8 to 1.4
Prothrombin time13.9 sec11.7 to 14.2
Partial thromboplastin time30 sec24 to 36
  • AST, aspartate transaminase; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; GGT, gamma glutamyltransferase; INR, international normalized ratio.