Table 1.

Faculty and Resident Test Ordering by Risk Factors (n = 51)

Risk FactorAny Glucose TestFacultyResidents
Possible indicators of early disease
    History of pre-diabetes96.177.811.111.172.727.30
    History of GDM90.272.216.711.169.721.29.1
USPSTF Indicators for Screening
    History of hypertension*66.727.833.338.96.163.630.3
Other risk factors for diabetes
    First-degree relative with diabetes84.361.122.216.757.627.315.2
    Minority ethnicity*62.855.622.
    History of vascular disease58.827.833.338.99.148.542.4
    Sedentary lifestyle45.116.716.766.79.142.448.5
    Overweight (BMI ≥25 kg/m2)45.133.311.155.618.227.354.6
    Age ≥45*41.227.811.
No known diabetes risk factors15.75.67.488.
  • Values in table represent percentages.

  • * P < .05, a comparison of the faculty versus resident percentages for FPG/OGTT/A1C, metabolic panel, and none.

  • FPG, fasting plasma glucose; OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test; A1C, hemoglobin A1C; GDM, gestational diabetes; USPSTF, US Preventive Services Task Force; BMI, body mass index; PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome.