Table 2.

Knowledge and Behaviors Before Intervention of Women in Univariable Logistic Regression Models Wanting to Get the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine After Intervention

VariablesLevelsOdds Ratio95% CIWald χ2P
Important to get vaccines5.63.06
Important vs not important4.481.05–19.14
Neutral vs not important2.500.56–11.23
HPV causes cancerYes vs no2.471.13–5.435.10.02
At risk for HPVYes vs no2.211.04–4.684.28.04
Know what HPV vaccine is forYes vs no1.940.93–
Important to get HPV vaccine20.81<.0001
Important vs not important40.618.15–202.42
Neutral vs not important19.804.09–95.96
  • HPV, human papillomavirus.