Table 2.

Student Responses to Knowledge Questions on Pre- and Post-Test: Hierarchical Model Results

QuestionCorrect ResponsePret Test N = 2929Post- Test N = 2766P Value
Correct (%)Don’t Know (%)Correct (%)Don’t Know (%)
1. Smoking causes bad breathTrue92.<0.001
2. Smokers have yellow teethTrue86.98.696.91.8<0.001
3. Cigarettes which that contain low tar are safeFalse77.020.486.511.5<0.001
4. Smokers have clean- smelling clothesFalse88.<0.001
5. Smoking decreases the amount of air that gets into your lungsTrue84.710.091.44.4<0.001
6. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day would cost over several hundred dollars per yearTrue66.928.189.35.3<0.001
7. Tobacco users are cool, sexy, and popularFalse92.54.694.13.10.009
8. Some people use tobacco because their friends doTrue89.45.792.93.9<0.001
9. Smoking is relaxingFalse58.833.167.019.6<0.001
10. Advertisers tell the truth about tobacco useFalse57.928.280.510.4<0.001
11. Tobacco companies can use TV as a way of advertisingFalse14.317.330.48.5<0.001
12. G-rated movies are used by tobacco companies to sell tobaccoTrue8.337.944.623.0<0.001
13. It is against the law for tobacco companies to advertise to kidsTrue63.823.265.316.0<0.001
14. What percentage of kids your age do not use tobacco every week?About ∼95%59.8NA70.7NA<0.001