Table 1.

Keloid Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Prevention strategies for use in people predisposed to keloid formation
  1. Pressure garment consisting of elasticized material over wounds.

  2. Moist healing by use of dressing impregnated with ointment.

  3. Semi-occlusive dressings for minor abrasions.

  4. Splinting after surgical closure of an open wound to avoid excessive tension on the skin.

  5. Injection of triamciniolone acetonide.

  6. Silicon gel dressing for 3 months.

Treatment options for patients with keloids*
  1. Intralesional steroid injection

  2. Surgical excision

    1. Scalpel excision

    2. Laser excision

    3. Electro excision

  3. Cryosurgery

  4. 5-flurouracil injection

  5. Bleomycin injection

  6. Interferon α-2b injection

  • * Combination therapy, with one or more of the above treatments, may have greater success rates.