Table 4.

Opioid Use and Perception of Treatment Efficacy

No OpioidsQuartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4P
    With results of treatment to date3.563.513.623.613.84.044
    With ability to do what you want2.582.672.622.552.61.82
    With current treatment of pain3.543.543.723.784.09.0003
Have control over pain12.782.992.793.003.07.52
Narcotics make a difference in activities7.066.887.277.418.01.0022
  • * Derived from the Treatment Outcomes in Pain Survey. Satisfaction scores: 1 = completely dissatisfied, 6 = completely satisfied. Pain control score: 0 = none, 6 = complete.

  • Derived from pain inventory difference in activities score: 0 = none, 10 = huge.