Table 4.

Final Multivariable Logistic Regression Models for Wanting to Get the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine After Intervention: Demographics, Knowledge, and Behaviors Before Intervention and Knowledge and Behaviors After Intervention

VariablesLevelOdds Ratio95% CIWald χ 2P
    Age (years)21.660.001
25–29 vs 55+11.623.60–37.51
30–34 vs 55+8.892.50–31.61
35–39 vs 55+9.622.66–34.79
40–44 vs 55+11.632.90–46.62
45–49 vs 55+7.532.05–27.68
50–54 vs 55+4.001.11–14.39
    MonogamousYes vs no0.460.21–1.003.850.05
    Abnormal Pap test6.840.03
DK vs no0.790.24–2.55
Yes vs no2.151.18–3.92
Knowledge and Behaviors Pre-Intervention
    HPV causes cancerYes vs no2.391.08–5.304.590.03
    At risk for HPVYes vs no2.141.00–4.573.880.05
Knowledge and Behaviors Post-Intervention
    Would get any vaccine7.320.03
No vaccine vs STI vaccine0.260.07–0.92
Other vaccine vs STI vaccine0.220.04–1.10
    Important for partner to get HPV     vaccine47.92<0.0001
Important vs not important25.209.66–65.72
Neutral vs not important14.445.83–35.79
    Important for child to get HPV vaccine10.460.005
Important vs not important3.540.51–24.56
Neutral vs not important1.040.15–7.45
    Too late to get HPV vaccineYes vs no0.180.08–0.4414.760.0001
  • HPV, human papillomavirus; STI, sexually transmitted infection; DK, does not know if they havevever had an abnormal Pap test.