Table 2.

Group Differences in Parents’ Responses to Well-Child Visits*

Parents’ ResponsesExperimental Group (n = 67)Control Group (n = 70)P Value
Perceptions regarding amount learned about taking care of child through visit3.89 (0.94)4.20 (0.96).031
Satisfaction with education during visit4.17 (0.94)4.51 (0.78).021
Perceptions about physician’s understanding of his/her concerns4.52 (0.78)4.64 (0.66).336
Plans to do something different as a result of education received (n, %, χ2 analysis)14 (22.2%)11 (15.9%).358
  • * Unless otherwise indicated, responses are given as mean (SD), based on 1 to 5 Likert scale (where 1 is the least desirable and 5 is the most desirable response), and differences were determined by Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon rank-sum tests.