Table 2.

Screening Tools for Alcohol Use during Pregnancy

ContentTime RequiredScoring and Cut-Off ScoreSensitivitySpecificity
Quantity/Frequency Questions (3)Days per week of drinking Average number of drinks per day Maximum number of drinks consumed in 1 day during the past month2 minutes>7 drinks per week or >3 drinks per dayN/AN/A
  • Tolerance: (a) How many drinks does it take before you feel high (the first effects of alcohol)? or (b) How many drinks can you hold? (How many drinks does it take before the alcohol makes you fall asleep or pass out? If you never pass out, what is the largest number of drinks you have?)

  • Worried: Have your friends or relatives worried about your drinking in the past year?

  • Eye opener: Do you sometimes take a drink in the morning when you first get up?

  • Amnesia: Are there times when you drink and afterwards can’t remember what you said or did?

  • K/Cut Down: Do you sometimes feel the need to cut down on your drinking?

3 to 5 minutesTolerance: (a) 3 drinks or more or (b) 5 drinks or more + 2 points Positive response to other questions = 1 point each Cut-off = 2 points0.79–0.910.77–0.83
  • Tolerance: How many drinks does it take to make you feel high?

  • Annoyed: Have people ever annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?

  • Cut Down: Have you ever felt that you needed to cut down on your drinking?

  • Eye opener: Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or get rid of a hang over?

2 to 3 minutesTolerance: 2 points if requires more than 2 drinks Other questions: 1 point each Cut off: 2 points0.70–0.890.79–0.85