Table 5.

Organizing Your Office to Facilitate Preventing AEP

ScreeningInclude alcohol screening questions on initial patient questionnaires or instruct medical assistants to assess alcohol use while assessing vital signs during initial patient intake.
AssessmentConstruct a questionnaire or checklist for the nurse to perform the assessment if screening is positive prior to the physician seeing the patient or construct a checklist that the physician can use if initial screening questions are positive while visiting with the patient in the examination room
Education (on alcohol and contraceptive practices)The clinic nurse can provide alcohol-exposed pregnancy (AEP) prevention education during preconception counseling visits, contraceptive initiation visits, or pregnancy education visits. Posters and brochures on AEP can be placed in waiting rooms and examination rooms.
Brief interventionsNurses can be trained to conduct brief interventions and follow-up visits can be conducted by telephone. Brief intervention materials can be kept in the examination rooms for physicians to use.