Table 2.

Infants Receiving Home or Clinic Visits by 2 Weeks of Age by Maternal Characteristic

CharacteristicNPercentageP Value
Language spoken in home
    All other languages15880.6
Number of other children
    3 or more2965.9
Highest education level
    Less than high school9479.0.002
    High school graduate7477.9
    Some college or technical school5588.7
    College graduate6894.4
Annual household income
Maternal medical insurance
    Other insurance14286.6
Does new baby have medical insurance?
    Don’t know1164.7
Race or ethnicity
Marital Status
    Living with boyfriend or partner8486.6
    Divorced, widowed, separated9100
    Never married3775.5
  • * Based on Pearson χ2.

  • Based on Mantel-Haenszel test for trend.