Table 2.

Description of Calls Not Forwarded Group

GroupClinical Calls Not Forwarded (n = 119)
Age (mean)36
Office Visits
    Within 1 week44%
    Within 2 weeks7%
Emergency Department (ED) Visit within 2 weeks
    Any reason*15%
    Related reason4%
Hospitalized within 2 weeks
    Any reason*15%
    Related reason2%
    Clinical harm2%
    At risk for future harm1%
    Pain and/or discomfort26%
Interventions required8%
    Emergency transport1 patient
    ED visit5 patients
    Office visit2 patients
    Medication change1 patient
    Other2 patients
  • * Patient visit to ED or hospital admission was for any reason.

  • Patient visit to ED or hospital was related to the reason for the after-hours call.