Table 1.

Physical Activity Questionnaire Results at Baseline and Final Visit

Pedometer Group (%)Control Group (%)P Value*
Physically active 1 or more hours per week:
    Baseline visit1/23 (4)0/16 (0)1.00
    Final visit11/19 (58)7/13 (54)1.00
Walk for exercise
    Baseline visit9/23 (39)8/16 (50).53
    Final visit15/19 (79)8/13 (62).43
Walked for exercise the past week
    Baseline visit6/23 (26)4/16 (25)1.00
    Final visit14/20 (70)5/15 (33).04
Days walked during past week
    Baseline visit (days/person)
    Final visit (days/person)
  • * Discrete variables compared using Fisher’s exact test with 2-sided P values, days walked compared using t test for equality of means.