Table 2.

Reasons Given for Not Achieving BP <130/80 (no.of cases = 73)

Category DescriptorFrequencyPercentage of Cases
Physician-related (N = 45)
    Satisfied with results/progress2027.4
    Competing demands1013.7
    Disagreement with ADA* guidelines68.2
Patient-related (N = 82)
    Limited treatment options4764
        Low income/medication cost/ inadequate insurance2737
        Adverse effects of medications1216.4
        Comorbidities limiting treatment options811.0
    Patient adherence issues2737
        General nonadherence1419.2
        Cultural issues22.7
        Language/communication barriers11.4
    Competing agendas56.9
    Unfavorable risk to benefit ratio34.1
Information/measurement-related (N = 48)
    Inadequate data or data variability4358.9
        Lack of a consistent trend2635.6
        Unusual circumstances79.6
        Discrepancy between home and office56.9
        Lack of information34.1
        Unable to get accurate BP22.7
    Intervention not recorded56.9
  • * ADA, American Diabetic Association; BP, blood pressure.