Table 2.

Clinician Post-study Questionnaire Responses

a. In general, do you feel that action plans make behavior change discussions:
Easier?The same?Harder?
    Private practice (N = 21)52%43%5%
    Safety net (N = 18)61%22%17%
    Overall (N = 39)56%33%10%
Clinician Post-study Ratings of the Acceptability and Usability of Action Plan Methods
b. Did the study change the way you like to discuss health behavior with patients?
    Private practice62%38%
    Safety net89%11%
c. Did you use action plans with patients outside the study?
    Private practice76%24%
    Safety net72%28%
d. Have you recommended the action plan idea to other clinicians?
    Private practice43%57%
    Safety net22%78%
e. Will you continue to use the action plan with some of your patients?
    Private practice81%19%
    Safety net83%17%
f. Should all primary care clinicians be trained in the use of action plans?
    Private practice86%14%
    Safety net89%11%
Clinician Post-study Assessment of Action Plan Effectiveness
g. Do you think Action Plans can be helpful in encouraging behavior change?NoRare patientsSome patientsMost patients
    Private practice0%0%67%33%
    Safety net0%6%59%35%
Clinician Post-study Assessment of Barriers to Goal-setting Discussions
h. What is the barrier that makes it most difficult to use Action Plans in primary care visits?*TimeMethodsOtherResources
    Private practice67%38%10%5%
    Safety net65%41%0%29%
Clinician Opinion on Goal-setting by Other Health Caregivers
i. Do you think it would be more appropriate for other caregivers to engage patients in goal setting since physicians have very little time?YesNo
    Private practice (N = 21)52%48%
    Safety net (N = 18)67%33%
    Overall (N = 39)59%41%
j. If “Yes,” what type of caregiver would be appropriate?Health EducatorsMedical AssistantsNursesSocial Workers
    Private practice67%29%57%29%
    Safety net67%33%61%39%
  • * More than one barrier was identified by some clinicians.

  • Methods refers to difficulties associated with using action plan forms and engaging in collaborative discussions.