Table 1.

Do’s and Don’ts for Infant Care: 0 to 5 Months

  • Show affection, cuddle, talk, and sing to your baby

  • Respond to your baby’s cry

  • Hold your baby when feeding him/her

  • Support baby’s head and neck

  • Supervise sibling and pet interaction

  • Use car seat (initially rear-facing) in back seat of car

  • Have baby sleep on back or side

  • Use a safe crib, with slats <2-3/8 inches apart, no soft bedding (pillows, quilts, etc)

  • Have functioning smoke detectors in bedrooms

  • Protect baby from sun with hats, clothes, stroller top, etc.

  • Keep hot water temperature at <120°F

  • Breastfeed, if possible

  • Encourage partner to help care for baby

  • Wash hands often

  • Punish baby

  • Leave baby unattended or let your baby fall

  • Jerk or shake baby

  • Expose baby to people with infections

  • Place strings, small/sharp objects, plastic bags, or balloons near baby

  • Use talc or baby walkers

  • Give baby soft toys or toys with small parts

  • Smoke, use recreational drugs or alcohol in excess

  • Feed baby solids

  • Give baby well water or honey in 1st year

Other discussion topics
  • Parental attachment

  • Sleep

  • Feeding

  • Day care concerns

  • Care of skin, diarrhea, vomiting, congestion, fever

  • When to call doctor

  • Use of non-prescription medications

  • Other:

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