Table 2.

Evidence for Lack of Comparability within Studies

AgeRural Patients (%)Heart Failure (%)Dementia (%)COPD (%)Revascular Hospital (%)Impaired Mobility (%)
Chen et al 5
    Cardiologists (35%)*75.39173165113
    Family physicians77.542248222123
Frances et al7
    Cardiologists (38%)*73.728.318.03.418.680.117.4
Norcini et al18
    Cardiologists (30%)*66.129.441.5
    Family physicians69.235.223.4
Frances et al23
    Cardiologists (50%)*
    Family physicians78.511.127.712.023.253.726.0
Casale et al10
    Cardiologists (37%)*66.110.841.2
    Family physicians70.026.725.0
Ayanian et al6
    Cardiologists (36%)*71.332.472.87.4
Jollis et al22
    Cardiologists (26%)*75.010.959.3
    Family physicians77.053.339.7
  • * Percentage of patients treated by cardiologist.

  • Rural measured by location of hospital.