Table 3.

Sample Clinician Quotes from Post-Study Semistructured Interviews

TopicQuotesPractice Setting
Time“… that was the big inhibition for me—the time factor. When patients come here they often have four or five issues, and you can’t add another thing.”Private practice
“… it’s difficult when it’s busy and it’s difficult not to be directive. Being directive doesn’t take much time.”Private practice
“… [the action plan] helped me prioritize that as opposed to the 16 other priorities …”Safety net
Resources“It would be kind of nice to have an appointment just to talk about the action plan.”Private practice
“Anything that adds more paper is a problem.”Safety net
“[The action plan] made it more real and achievable for patients to set goals … and by doing that and calling them back a week later it was extremely helpful for them… . It would be really nice if we could continue that. We don’t have the resources to do that.”Private practice
General comments“It would be hard to totally let [the action plan] be patient-driven.”Safety net
“I get to the point where I say, ‘The action plan is you’re going to take a lipid-lowering medicine, you’re going to take it for 4 weeks, here’s the lab slip.’ ”Private practice
“The emphasis on getting patients to assume some responsibility for their own care is good.”Private practice
“… paring down to one thing, pin it down, that was a shift for me.”Safety net
“[The action plan] really gives you a chance for buy in and I found it’s more successful to give them a chance to talk about their health and what’s important for them, so I like it.”Safety net
“When a patient didn’t do the action plan I was flummoxed. I didn’t know what to do next.”Private practice
“I really felt like [the action plan] impacted the way I did health education with lots and lots of patients … ”Safety net
“I felt disappointed when patients did not reach their goals, even if they only did 50%.”Private practice
“If an action plan comes up naturally in a visit then it’s a good idea.”Private practice
“I like the concept, but most doctors, and probably myself, will do [action plans] for a while and then go back to the old pattern of yelling at the patients to change their behaviors—because that is how we were taught.”Private practice
Other caregivers“I think [the action plan] would be much better for the non-clinician to do, because of time.”Private practice
“I think it would be empowering for our nurses to do action plans when they’re not busy doing other stuff.”Safety net
“… if we had our nurse and MAs trying to do [action plans] it would slow things down even more.”Safety net
“All those medical assistants, health educators, social workers, that would be awesome if they could [do action plans] before or after the visit.”Private practice