Table 5.

Mortality Rate Comparisons among Specialties

Study30-day or In-hospital Rates1 year
MR (%)ORORadjMR (%)ORORadj
Chen et al
Frances et al7
    NC (IV)1.101.06
Norcini et al18
Frances et al23
Nash et al9 age <65
Nash et al9 age >65 (in hospital rates)
Casale et al10
Nash et al131.00
Ayanian et al6
Jollis et al22
  • * Reference group. Odds ratios are 1.00 because cardiologists are the reference group.

  • Significant at P < .01.

  • Studies reported mortality rates in the hospital rather than 30 day. MR, mortality rate; OR, odds ratios of cardiologist compared with other specialties; ORadj, adjusted odds ratio; Card, cardiologists; Spec, internal medicine subspecialist not in cardiology,; IM, general internist; FP, family physician; GP, general practice; N-C, non-cardiologists; NC (IV), noncardiologist adjusting for instrumental variable; NR, not reported; Uk, unknown.