Table 5.

Topics for Which Graduates Believe More Training Would Have Been Helpful*

TopicYear of residency graduationP Value
1975 to 19831984 to 19931994 to 2003
Adult inpatient medicine0.
Pediatric outpatient medicine0.
Pediatric inpatient medicine0.
Prenatal care1.
Inpatient OB (routine)
Inpatient OB (high risk)
Emergency medicine0.
Behavioral science7.
Practice management14.920.431.9.009
Procedural skills11.927.620.2.33
Cross-cultural medicine3.
Use of computers in medicine7.512.29.6.76
Nursing home medicine13.
  • * For respondents who returned more than one survey, a positive response on any survey was included. N = 259 respondents.

  • Responses to open-ended question, “For areas in which you did not feel adequately prepared, what specific additional training would have been helpful.”

  • Mantel-Haenszel χ2 test for trend.