Table 2.

Characteristics of Residency Graduates and Their Current Practices (%)*

Characteristic (N missing)Year of Residency Graduation (N)P Value
1975 to 1983 (67)1984 to 1993 (98)1994 to 2003 (94)
Personal information
    Board certification91.091.897.9.06
        CAQ in geriatrics17.98.22.1<.001
        CAQ in sports medicine4.
Practice information
    Size of community <25,000 (18)21.933.044.9.003
    More than 30 miles to a metro area (16)23.817.636.0.05
    Number of outpatients per week (14)
        Less than 5033.728.414.3.01
        50 to 9925.020.431.8
        100 or more38.351.154.0
Current practice type§
    FM Group35.821.422.3.08
    Multispecialty group22.425.522.3.93
    Full-time ER10.
    Urgent Care0.
    Student Health6.
    Academic fellow1.
    Administrative medicine7.
    Rural health clinics4.
    National Health Service Corps site0.
    Health Profession Shortage Area (HPSA)
  • * For respondents who returned more than 1 survey, the latest survey was used.

  • The P value for the Mantel-Haenszel χ2 test for trend.

  • Question not asked in 2004 survey. The latest survey as of 2001 (N = 225) was used.

  • § Respondents could choose as many practice types as applied. The total therefore exceeds 100%.