Table 2.

Mean comfort response and percentage of comfort (very comfortable and somewhat comfortable responses) with children and alone, for each sensitive question by individual questions and question category

QuestionWith Child Mean ComfortAlone Mean ComfortWith Child Percentage of ComfortAlone Percentage of Comfort
General DV questions3.23.781.294.2
    Do you feel safe in your current relationship?3.33.784.593.5
    In general how would you describe your relationship?3.03.777.094.0
    How do you and your partner work out arguments?3.13.776.592.5
    How is your partner treating you and the kids?3.43.885.594.5
    Considering your current partners or friends or any past partners or friends is there anyone who is making you feel unsafe now?3.33.881.596.5
Sexual risk questions2.23.652.085.0
    Have you had 2 or more sexual partners in the past 10 years?2.03.550.589.0
    Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts, or genital herpes?2.33.645.590.0
Substance abuse questions3.33.883.295.7
    Have you injected street drugs, steroids, or vitamins with a needle?3.53.887.096.5
    Have you used drugs for other than those required for medical reasons?3.13.876.595.0
    How often do you have more than 4 alcohol drinks in a day?3.43.886.095.5
    In the past year, have you had 2 weeks or more during which you felt sad, blue or depressed or lost pleasure in things that you usually cared about or enjoyed?2.93.670.590.0
Speeding/shop lifting questions3.43.785.393.2
    Have you had a speeding ticket?3.63.692.096.0
    Have you ever shoplifted?3.23.878.590.5
  • Participants were presented 2 questions: How comfortable are you answering this question in front of your children? How comfortable are you answering this question alone?

    Responses options: very comfortable (5)/somewhat comfortable (4)/neither (3)/somewhat uncomfortable (2)/very uncomfortable (1).

    Median comfort was 4 for all questions except ′Sexual risk′ questions (medians 2,3, respectively).

    Percentage of comfort was significantly different for ′alone′ and ′with child′ in all question categories (P < .001) and for all individual questions (P < .01) using McNemar’s statistic.