Table 6.

Common Answers to the Question, ‘How Has Your Prescribing of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Changed Since Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)?’

“I don’t use HRT as preventive therapy. Still use as treatment for acute symptoms after risks/benefits explained. Try to get people off it in 2 years or less. Use as a treatment rather than prevention or global measure”
“I prescribe HRT and ERT significantly less, taper it more quickly, and seek certain alternatives (specifically topical estrogen and Effexor) much more.”
“Not confident about prescribing HRT anymore and only given for postmenopausal symptoms refractory to other treatment modalities. Confused about what emphasis to put on past research.”
“The results were overblown. The absolute risks were not as staggering as the relative risks reported. For me, it triggers a discussion with the patient.”
“I would like to know more about natural options. I would like to see more of this in residency training.”
“I really don’t like HRT and would not recommend it to any patients. I think things like soy and really more behavioral psychology approaches may be more helpful.”