Table 3.

Scope of Current Practice for Residency Graduates Surveyed from 1998 to 2004*

Characteristic (N missing)Year of Residency Graduation (N)P Value
1975 to 1983 (67)1984 to 1993 (98)1994 to 2003 (94)
Hospital privileges
    Care for hospital inpatients52.
Obstetrical privileges
    Any obstetrics since residency76.151.040.4<.001
    Currently practice obstetrics16.424.527.7.11
    Currently provide C-sections1.
ICU privileges
    Have ICU privileges35.849.042.6.52
Emergency medicine
    Provide primary care for patients in ER16.423.57.4.06
    Full-time ER doc providing coverage80.679.684.0.53
Office procedures
    Flexible sigmoidoscopy23.923.510.6.02
    Obstetrical ultrasound7.
    Exercise EKG14.
    Upper GI endoscopy1.
    Regularly see nursing home patients47.841.843.6.66
    Nursing home medical director7.
Work schedule
    Hours per week worked (12)
        35 or less7.820.210.0.26
        36 to 4521.933.743.3
        More than 4570.346.146.7
    Days on call per month (17)
        1 to 431.227.328.8
        More than 439.346.657.6
Practice management
    Assume risk31.327.638.3.27
    Have an office manager79.169.475.5.75
    Negotiate own MC contracts17.923.513.8.39
    Teaching medical students62.753.160.6.94
    Teaching residents44.835.730.8.08
  • * For respondents who returned more than one survey, the latest survey was used.

  • The P value for the Mantel-Haenszel χ2 test for trend.

  • Question not asked in 2004 survey. The latest survey as of 2001 (N = 225) was used.