Table 3.

Hierarchy of Treatment Recommendations For Common Menopausal Symptoms (Percentages)

Irregular MensesVaginal DrynessVasomotor SymptomsSleep DisturbanceDecreased LibidoEmotional LabilityFatigue
HigherHRT (50.9)HRT (68.4)HRT (50.9)Lifestyle changes (58.5)HRT (39.2)Psych meds (68.4)Lifestyle changes (67.5)
Wait and see (50)CAM (12.7)CAM (39.6)Psych meds (33)Lifestyle changes (33.5)Lifestyle changes (41)Wait and see (25.9)
CAM (8)Lifestyle changes (11.3)Wait and see (27.4)Wait and see (22.2)Wait and see (24.1)HRT (18.4)Psych meds (20.8)
Lifestyle changes (6.1)Wait and see (8.5)Psych. Meds (17.5)CAM (15.6)Psych meds (17.5)Wait and see (16.5)CAM (19.8)
LowerPsych.meds (1.9)Psych.meds (0.5)Lifestyle changes (14.6)HRT (10.4)CAM (15.1)CAM (14.2)HRT (13.2)
  • HRT, hormone replacement therapy; CAM, complementary and alternative medicine.