Table 3.

Pros and Cons of Peritoneal Dialysis

    Lower cost than hemodialysis (HD)
    Patients more satisfied with overall care compared with HD
    Steady-state treatment. Better tolerated hemodynamically
    Flexible schedules
        Preservation of vascular sites for future hemodialysis
        Lower risk of blood-borne infections12,13
        Alleviates anxiety from needle sticks
    Better preservation of residual renal function
    Fewer diet and fluid restrictions
    Continuous therapy. No days off. Leads to patient and family burnout
    Body image concerns because of presence of catheter and fluid in the abdomen
    High technique failure rate compared with HD
    Space needed for monthly supplies of dialysis equipment/solutions
    Inability to lift >25 lbs.
    Non-compliance with dialysis can lead to complications such as infections, uremia, and technique failure