Table 1.

Sample Characteristics (n = 71)

Percentage or Mean ± SDMedian (and/or range)
Age in years52 ± 16(20–89)
Gender (female)63%
Ethnic/racial minority5%
Marital status
    D&HH spouse87%
    <10th grade20%
    College degree30%
Employment status
Household income (mean)$25,000($5,000–$80,000)
Age of Onset of Hearing Loss
    <1 year50%
    ≥1 year50%
Member of the Deaf community76%
Language use (multiple answers were possible)
    At home
        Signed contact language31%
        Signed English17%
    Written English14%
    English speech only30%
With people who are D&HH
    Signed contact language22%
    Signed English21%
With people who are hearing
    Spoken English36%
    Written English33%
    English with interpreter28%
  • D&HH, Deaf and hard of hearing; ASL, American Sign Language.