Table 2.

Description of Baseline Action Plans (N = 228)

Action Plan Domains and SubtopicsN%
Exercise (38%)86
    Walk a specific distance or specific amount of time4653
    Use gym more, more of any exercise3743
    Buy a pedometer34
Diet (30%)68
    Eat more good food, substitute good food for bad2435
    Portion control of bad foods2740
    Lose weight/go on a diet69
    Other (eg, see nutritionist, track eating, change others’ behaviors)1116
Combined diet and exercise* (4%)94
Medication (7%)16
    Take specific medication531
    Take all meds638
    Take meds at specific time319
    Take vitamins, etc212
Other (9%)21
    Make/keep appointments525
    Socialize or join group315
    Initiate positive action945
    Increase self-monitoring315
Smoking (8%)19
    Reduce smoking frequency (episodes or no. of cigarettes)1158
    Quit smoking/patch to quit737
    Track smoking15
Stress (4%)9
    Time with others222
    Structured relaxation exercises445
    Time by self for self111
  • * A combined diet/exercise domain was added during the coding process. Most patients making action plans reported a high level of confidence that they could complete their plan—79% had a confidence score >7.

  • One Action Plan is illegible in this category and not coded.