Table 1.

Action Plan Completion Rates and Post-Visit Questionnaires

Safety Net (n = 128) (%)Private Practice (n = 146) (%)Overall (n = 274) (%)
Completed action plans828483
Clinician post-action plan discussion questionnaires returned929292
    For patients with action plan939393
    For patients without action plan868786
Clinician reasons for not completing action plans*
    Patient too ill441529
    Too little time285039
    Patient not interested171013
Clinician satisfaction with discussion
    No different than previous behavior change discussions322428
    Less satisfying than previous discussions867
    More satisfying than previous discussions425047
    Not applicable161616
    Question not answered<143
Estimated time to complete action plan discussions (minutes)§Safety Net (n = 93)Private Practice (n = 113)Overall (n = 216)
6.91 to 206.81 to 206.91 to 20
  • * Mantel-Haenszel χ2; P = .03

  • Response to question: ′Was today’s discussion about behavior change more satisfying, less satisfying, or no different than previous behavior change discussions with this patient (or not applicable)?′

  • Patients for whom an action plan was not developed for reasons of time, patient illness, new patient, etc.

  • § For 12 action plans discussions, clinicians did not estimate the time; thus the n = 216 rather than 228.