Table 1.

Summary Data on Smoker Interviewees (n = 49)

Age group
    20 to 391326
    40 to 593163
    60 to 79510
Years of smoking—mean (SD)26.6 years (13.1)
Smoking-related chronic condition*3163
Health concerns were main reason for wanting to quit3571
Medication prescribed:
    NRT patch918
    NRT inhaler510
    NRT spray12
Prior use of cessation medication:
Used the medication4490
Made a 24-hour quit attempt36 (1 without medication use)73
Reported being quit at time of interview27 (18, bupropion; 7, patch; 2, inhaler)55
  • * Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, hyperlipidemia, or diabetes.