Table 1.

Characteristics of Study Women

CharacteristicNumber (n = 355)Percentage
Race or ethnicity
    American Indian41.1
Marital status
    Living with boyfriend or partner9727.5
    Divorced, widowed, or separated92.6
    Never married4913.9
Number of children other than newborn
Highest education
    Less than high school11934.2
    High school graduate9527.3
    Some college or technical school6217.8
    College graduate7220.7
Annual household income
Language spoken in home
Mother’s insurance:
    Other insurance16446.2
Length of stay
    24 to 47 hours20357.2
    48 to 95 hours13939.2
    ≥96 hours133.7
Does new baby have medical insurance?
    Don’t know174.8