Table 1.

Characteristics of the Five Audited Practices

Practice typeSmall group*SoloSmall group*SoloResidency faculty
Average number of patients seen per week125108757040
Payor mix: Medicare/Medicaid30%Not available65%25%Not available
    Commercial insurance59%35% combined50%
Scope of practiceNo OBNo OBNo OB proceduresNo OBFull scope
Has an EMRNoYesNoNoYes
Geographic locationSuburbsRuralRuralRuralUrban
Size of town>50,000–<100,000<5,000>5,000–<30,000<5,000>250,000
Pharmacies availableNational chains>2 locally ownedNational chains>2 locally ownedNational chains
Steps for which practice satisfaction was high3, 4, 51, 521, 2, 3, 4, 51, 3
  • * Less than 6 clinicians.