Table 1.

Driving Performance Variables and Total Incidence for Both Conditions

Performance VariablesControlled-Release MPHNo Medication
Control variables
 Driving significantly faster than traffic3637
 Driving significantly slower than traffic24
 Cut someone off22
 Pulled out in front of person01
 Following traffic too close, ‘tail gating’44
 Got angry at traffic12
 Distracted by inside: CD/radio, examiner, etc.712
 Distracted by outside: traffic, pedestrians, etc.65
 Missed turn48
 Failed to see signal and ran a red light or stop sign25
 Inappropriate hesitation, balking712
 Inappropriate or unwarranted braking211
 Failed to yield to signals or right of way14
 Failed to signal when turning1829
 Drove across midline25
 Drove off road or over curb32